Artwork with a certain style

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 10-Jun-2016


An interesting aspect of La Trobe University’s latest exhibition, Flawless, is that many of the highly stylised portraits look the same.

But that’s OK. Masters student, Alanah Brand, is exploring women’s desire to present a flawless online image. 

The result is that the portraits are sanitised and for the most part lack personality – which is exactly the point that Ms Brand is making.   

“I feel that social media users are constantly searching for a look that is not genuine or real,”  Ms Brand said.

“Women choose to post images that are highly stylised and edited, thinking that is the  ‘best’ version of themselves. 

“I wanted to use my artwork to question why women can’t be valued for their internal qualities – why society is always striving for unattainable visual perfection.”

The small scale portraits reflect real images of women found on social media.

Ms Brand uses a painted surface to mimic the already stylised nature of the selfies, and to further intensify their doll-like qualities.

The fascinating exhibition also includes a comment on the fact that facebook blocks out women’s nipples while allowing men’s nipples to be exposed without censorship.  

The exhibition runs until June 24.

Phyllis Palmer Gallery, La Trobe University, Visual Arts Building, Arts Drive. Enter via Gate 8 entrance. Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


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