Baby number eight couldn't wait

Sharon Kemp | Bendigo Weekly | 23-Feb-2017


NEWBORN Octavia Aggett was a surprise to her parents at the beginning as child number eight, and again as she was being born.

Mum Stacey didn’t quite make it to Bendigo Hospital before the baby girl decided to join the world.

Dad Daniel parked the family car at the entrance of the new Bendigo Hospital’s emergency department and that is as far as Ms Aggett made it.

Paramedic Kelli Jones, on shift at the hospital and working at a nearby ambulance, thought she should investigate the urgent screams coming from the car from which a man had just run into the department entrance.

Ms Jones found Ms Aggett in advanced labour, trying to find position in the small vehicle and insisting she would not get out.

The man was Mr Aggett, running to get help, but he returned to the car and was there six minutes later when a healthy four kilogram baby girl was born.

“Thank God you were there, I wouldn’t have known what to do,” Ms Aggett told Ms Jones as the latter visited her in the maternity ward 24 hours after the birth.

But she confessed later she had been thinking during contractions what she needed to do if she was alone when she gave birth.

Ms Jones said mother and baby had performed well under the circumstances and her own efforts were “all part of the service”.

The paramedic came with some experience, having delivered a baby before.

Mr Aggett said he was surprised he had remembered to put the car in park and the park brake on before running into the emergency department to get help.

“I can’t remember ever running so fast before,” he said.


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