Bellusira: igniting the fire within

Ben Cameron | Bendigo Weekly | 17-May-2012 12.30pm

Crystal Ignite wants to give her fans some hope, and a little bit of love.

Most singers want to be cool, but Bellusira’s Crystal Ignite just wants to be nice.

It might be hard to find at first listen, but these rockers maintain a positive message amongst all the aggression and chuggy guitars.

“We’re writing the music I’ve always wanted to be writing,” Ignite says proudly.

“The good guy does always win, that’s the kind of thing we want to put out to people.

“We want to write stuff for people who are hurting right now, stuff they can relate to but also give them some hope and some love.

“With this sound, it’s aggressive but we’re touching people in a way that’s heavy but can have a positive result.”

That’s not to say Ignite is all about cute kittens and warm cuddles. She loves her strong willed women, like Skin from Skunk Anansie, Annie Lennox and Chrissy Amphlett.

“I love strong women... anything (music-wise) with a powerful female I really appreciate,” she says. 

“It’s such a struggle for women to get respect. It’s easier these days, but the (rock) industry is a majority male dominated, it’s mostly guys, especially in my scene.”

Despite the perceived equality, as a female singer of a hard rock band touring with the likes of The Misfits, Dead Letter Circus and Floating Me, Ignite has had to roll her sleeves up a little bit higher to earn respect.

“Immediately you feel the vibe (from a crowd), when I first started ten years ago it was ‘what the hell, what’s a chick doing up there, this will be interesting’,” Ignite says.

“I’ve had to find a real balance, you do have to work a lot harder...  you have to win the crowd over.

“I guess that’s why I’ve got the live show that I’ve got now, I have to learnt how to stand out and gain respect.”

She says it’s not just the men she has to impress.

“It’s women watching as well,” she says. “And with rock, it’s not an overly feminine kind of scene.

“In rock... you’ve gotta be a real out there person.”

Things have changed slightly with her recent nuptials.

“I’m probably more feminine that I’ve ever been though, I just got married to the bass player,” she laughs.

“I was a real tomboy growing up. I loved sport... I’ve actually grown to love my femininity in my twenties and really embrace the feminine side.

“I was a bit more masculine when I was younger, I hung out with boys so I’m tough, but feminine when I need to be, so I’ve got that balance now.”

Ignite says new track Culprit is a return to the band’s rock roots, but a step away from one side of her nature.

“I’m quite a spiritual person. Not religious, I’m into the planet and looking after the people on it,” she says.

“I thought I had to write music that’s not as harsh in order to do that.

“I thought I needed to go on that different musical path.”

Culprit kept a positive message, despite Ignite writing it during a dark time in her life.

“I was really p*ssed off (when I wrote it),” she says.

“At that particular point of my life I’d been screwed over by some people who were really close to me. The pain I felt was awful, I was so angry.

“In the chorus I was talking to myself, ‘I’m going to get through this, it’s going to be OK’.

“It’s always been hard, but I always win in the end because I’m a good person. I’m not out to hurt anyone.”

It’s hoped Culprit will win over local roller derby fans too, when the Bellusira play at the next Dragon City Derby Doll bout at Bendigo Exhibition Centre.

“I think the people that are into that will dig the whole female fronted band thing,” Ignite says.

“And our band is pretty in your face, so that’s right up our alley.”

Bellusira play Mortal Kobout! at the Bendigo Exhibition Centre on May 26.


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