Custard return for Between the Bays

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 15-Feb-2012 3.30pm

90s hit-makers Custard are back.


Throughout much of the nineties, Custard were one of Australia’s most prominent and popular bands, with a loyal live following and hit songs by way of Apartment and Music is Crap

The band also released some of the definitive albums from that time with Wahooti Fandango (1994), We Have the Technology (1997) and Loverama (1999).

Custard are regrouping for a special appearance at the Between the Bays Festival, which will be held Saturday, February 25 in Moorooduc.

"We are really excited to be playing Between the Bays," says drummer Glenn Thompson. "We've always enjoyed playing the smaller festivals, there's something about the low key, friendly vibe at festivals such as this that we really respond to".

Was the family atmosphere that is central to Between the Bays play a part in Custard's decision to regroup for this event?

"Since reforming, the few shows we've done have been great, with a real mix of different age groups coming along to see us. We have a lot of the original Custard fans coming along, but also a lot of kids, and that’s great! 

"We're there for a good time, and the kids really seem to enjoy it".

Since 2009, Custard has played but a handful of shows.

"Custard these days is very much about the enjoyment of playing, riding the wave if you will," he says. 

"Given that we now have some life space and don't have to tour 24/7 with the same bunch of guys it releases the pressure and tensions that arise. 

"We enjoy performing these days as opportunities arise, whilst having the freedom to pursue our own projects".

What about new material?

"There's nothing definite there. However the door is always open for some recording," he says. 

"If the mood were to be right, the stars align and the pressure that could see it turn pear shaped was out of the equation, then yeah, we'd love to have some new material out there, but at this stage it's not a priority".

A much in demand musician, Glenn has enjoyed an incredible musical journey encompassing stints with not only Custard, but also the Titanics, and iconic Australian band The Go Betweens.

"One memory that really comes back to me is playing in Spain with The Go Betweens, Barcelona it was," he says. 

"At 11.30 at night were one of the first bands on, The White Stripes were headlining and didn't get on stage till 3.00am. 

"While I was waiting at the food tent It made me realize that these people are not only in a different time zone, but a totally different plain".

Glenn's son Wintah is now following in his father's musical footsteps as guitarist, singer songwriter for Sydney based indie pop group Little Lovers.

"He pretty much found his own way musically," Glenn says. 

"I was really surprised when one day he ditched the computer games for the guitar. He was around a lot at the height of Custard, so I'm sure that influence has rubbed off. 

"Little Lovers are a great band, and have just recorded a new album".

Glenn's current project Adele & Glenn is a collaboration between himself and Go Betweens bassist Adele Pickvance who have a new release coming out in May.

"We've got launches coming up late May in Sydney and Melbourne, and we have to get back to Europe, so there`s a lot happening at the moment," he says.

Custard plays the Between the Bays Festival, Penbank – Rickards Road, Moorooduc on Saturday, February 25. Also featured are Mark Seymour & the Undertow, Jordie Lane, the Ooga Booga`s, Lah-Lah's Big Live Band, JVG Guitar Method, Indigenous Hip Hop and The Fuzzbirds. Go to for info.


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