Dear Dotty

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 15-Nov-2012

Dear Dotty,
Last week I tried to have a coffeee in my favourite Bath Lane cafe but was dismayed when a herd of cyclists came clumping in on their cleats. Innocent women and children were knocked over by the veritable wave of pheromones that they were emitting. I actually saw one child swept away in front of me.  What can we do?   
Dear Dawn,
There are apparently several inquiries under way both on a state and federal level with the view to have these cycle gangs banned; but in the meantime there is a strong push to have the wearing of lycra made illegal. It is expected that without the lure of lycra and the prospect of displaying their crotch bulges, many cyclists will simply fade away.  

Dear Dotty
We have a work colleague who helpfully points out our fashion faux pas. It’s a teensy bit annoying. How can we make her stop?
Dear Ann,
I’m torn. My mother always said that it is rude to make personal comments – on the other hand – I think we all have an obligation to look smart at work, don’t you? From your name, Ann, I’m assuming you may be a little on the old side. You’re not letting standards slip I hope? Becoming a little complacent?
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