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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 22-Nov-2012

Dear Dotty,
I hope you can help as I am new to Bendigo. I was exploring your lovely Rosalind Park the other day and stumbled upon a beautiful old mansion. I could see a few people going inside and thought it might be a public building.
Curious, and feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland, I made my way into the beautiful entrance hall. I was then quite surprised to be stopped by a stern chap and told that this was a private club, for men only. I pinched myself. I thought I had walked through a time portal back to the 19th century.
What is this place? Was I dreaming?

Puzzled, Penny


Dear Penny,
It’s OK, you weren’t dreaming my dear; nor did you step back into the past. Bendigo is doing its best to harbour one of the great anachronistic institutions of the western world – the men’s only club. Good news is the Sandhust Club is currently been considered for the World Heritage List, so it will be a great tourism attraction one day and bring in lots of money to the city.

Most women in Bendigo have long ago left the chaps to their goat-sacrificing ways and concentrate on their own networking organisations such as Womeni.s.e and Zonta. I like Zonta. Whenever I go I dress up in a Zorro outfit and swish my sword about. It is jolly good fun.


Dear Dotty,
My mum is getting old and cranky. I pick her up once a week and take her shopping but is she grateful? No. She always wants to go into every shop in the Mall and drives me mad.
Frustrated, Fran

PS Love your column, you’re so wise and witty.


Dear Fran
Thankyou for your appreciation, I do my best. Regarding your elderly mum who is clearly not “going forward”, I think perhaps you might have a case of parental revenge on your hands here. Can you remember all those times when as a child, you wanted to have another ride on the bloody horse outside Coles?

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