Trevor Crump mixes it with the best

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 10-May-2012 3.20pm

Trevor Crump has played with some of the big names in music.


Enjoying a prolific musical career spanning four decades, British bass player Trevor Crump now resides in Australia and continues to build upon an incredible resume that now sees him in the band Forever Young; a band that boasts some of the country’s finest and most experienced musical talent.

I began a recent chat with Trevor by asking him how he came to be living in Australia.

“Around 2001 and 2002 I began holidaying in Australia having not been to these shores for some 20 odd years,” he says. 

“For a while I didn’t play seriously, just jams and so forth, but then Trevor Young got in touch and things have progressed to the point that sees us preparing for an exciting new album and show.”

Most recently Forever Young joined forces with Australian rock n roll icon Angry Anderson in Canberra, and in Melbourne with Rockin’ Rob Riley at the Bananas reunion in Middle Park.

“The Bananas reunion was a fabulous day!  There were a few names I was unfamiliar with, but the line-up was really strong and we all had a great show,” he says. 

“Rob Riley had a very good time (laughs), he could be verbally brutal but he’s a great guy and humorous with it.

“Playing those shows was great fun.  We had a ball.

“In the early 80s Rose Tattoo were very busy in England. Those early songs Bad Boy for Love, Rock & Roll Outlaw… great stuff! 

“A funny moment on the recent tour was when Angry asked someone to buy him a packet of crisps…you mean chips don’t you? 

“He’s obviously spent a lot of time touring throughout Europe (laughs).”

Citing Black Sabbath, Robin Trower, Queen and the 70s British pop of Slade, The Faces and David Bowie as early influences I asked Trevor what it was that motivated him to take up the bass guitar.

“As a kid I used to sneak in to pub gigs, and always found myself drawn to the bass,” he says. 

“It’s such a powerful instrument. I also play some keyboards and guitar, but from the very start the bass was my weapon of choice. 

“Jack Bruce, in particular was a huge inspiration. 

“I quickly discovered American jazz rock in the mid to late 70s and the sheer musicality and dexterity of Stanley Clarke. A musical giant and one of the greatest bass players of all time.

“In the mid 80s Glenn Hughes would come to our gigs. He is a total musician! The combination of his voice and his bass playing are second to none.

“I was a huge Trapeze fan and still am. Having had his down time it’s wonderful to see Glenn come out the other side and right back to the top of his game again.”

What are some of the highlights from a life in music?

“A career highlight for me was playing in the Trevor Burton Band, being a part of that band played a huge part in my development as a professional musician," he says. “It was a full on, up-front groove. 

“Other highlights include British and European tours with Alvin Stardust and Suzi Quatro, playing to crowds of 10 to 20 thousand is exhilarating but when you play to audiences of that size after a while you tend to feel a little detached.

“In the early 90s I recorded a live album with Trevor Burton and good friend and ELO keyboard player Richard Tandy.

“Richard and I shared a preference for  playing smaller venues where you actually share a relationship with an audience as opposed to performing to a distant sea of people.”

Trevor has been writing a lot lately.

“I have written and recorded a few hundred tracks to date, both published and unpublished,” he says. 

“Some are tunes written and recorded for producer George Young. 

“My hometown Birmingham is full of the Young clan, including good friend Stevie Young from the band Starfighters, the nephew of George, Malcolm and Angus.

“Stevie played in AC/DC throughout the Blow Up Your Video tour in the late 80s while Malcolm took a well-earned respite. 

“Stevie was so good Malcolm once joked about whether he would get his old job back.”

Forever Young is now Trevor’s main focus.

“Trevor Young, James Southwell, Maurice ‘Moz’ McGovern and I are on the precipice of a brand new era musically and I’m very excited to be part of it,” he says.

“They are great players and good mates, a new musical family with a huge pedigree who have welcomed me in. Priceless!”

Forever Young play Bendigo’s Newmarket Hotel on Friday, May 11 (from 9pm) and the Old Hepburn Hotel on Sunday, May 13 (from 3pm).


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