Forging a bond

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 16-Feb-2017


CHRISTMAS dinner for members in Bendigo marked the last meeting of the last Victorian branch of the Welding Technology Institute of Australia.

With some money left in the bank, the members voted to donate the more than $650 to prostate cancer research.

The dinner marked the end of 43 years of companionship for members with a common interest in welding.

“Starting in 1973, there were about 10 branches of the Welding Technology Institute of Australia in Victoria,” said chairman FJ Priest.

“In 1988, after 15 years, the central Victorian branch was the only one left.

“We used to all get together to go on trips and enjoy each other’s company.

“Once a month over the last few years we would visit different organisations to see how the machinery and technology had changed over the years.”

Mr Priest said the group had visited companies including Thales, SPC and the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra.

He has been a member since foundation. Phil Frichot is also a long term member and closed the branch with Mr Priest.

The pair handed the donation to Bendigo and Districts Prostate Cancer Support president Neil Macdonald last week.


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