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Ben Cameron | Bendigo Weekly | 07-May-2012 12.55pm

Grand Perceptor talk to b.entertained.

Bendigo’s Grand Perceptor of Mick Fitt, Deano Stanton and Sparrow were keen to opine back stage after delivering their debut set at Groovin the Moo. BEN CAMERON spoke to the local terror rock officianados near the VIP dunnies, for an informative and entertaining chat.

BEN: So how did you think it went lads?

SPARROW: We were pretty excited and we managed to pull off what we were looking to do. A lot of people here wouldn’t have already known us, they were a little hesitant at first, but we showed them what we can do and they reacted pretty well.

DEANO: It was a surreal thrill.

FITTY: I was sh*tting bricks.

BEN: What do you remember from the actual set?

FITTY: Compared to the birth of my daughter, that (set) was relatively easy. It’s a pretty spontaneous band with Sparrow and Deano, you never really know where it’s going to go. The sole reason I’m here... being the father I’m like “don’t do that, you’re gonna hurt yourself”. The whole production of Groovin the Moo, has been amazing, it’s through the roof, apart from the bass player knocking his guitar lead out half way through the gig, everything went well.

BEN: Was that the biggest thrill of your life so far?

DEANO: Yeah, it probably was.

BEN: No doubt you were a little nervous last night, how did you spend it preparing?

SPARROW: I was up for a while, restringing my guitar and making sure everything was tweaked. And I spent all morning watering the garden, my vegetables and herbs.

DEANO: He was just freaking all night about what I was going to say in the interviews (laughs). That’s a fun fact, Sparrow grows his own vegetables all year round.

FITTY: My 18-month-year-old decided to spew all over me at about three o’clock this morning. Apart from that it was fine.

BEN: You boys produce “terror rock”, what’s the go with that?

SPARROW: We jammed and we played some music we felt strongly about. It kind of formed itself.

DEANO: It’s reclaiming the word again, terror doesn’t have to be about Middle Eastern issues and terrorism. Before terror, it’s a primal human instinct and a feeling. There is a lot of terror in the hearts of mankind, the terror about the Apocalypse, global warming, these end-of-times things. We don’t want to be the soundtrack to Jihad. 

FITTY: It’s a perfect thing for the band, we’re trying to terrorise! 

DEANO Ok Mick, stop talking now.

SPARROW: We don’t endorse any of his statements.

DEANO: All of Mick’s comments are off the record.

BEN: Anybody else you’d like to thank?

DEANO: Yeah our manager Neil.

BEN: Neil who?

DEANO: I’m not sure, we just call him Neil. We still don’t know what Sparrow’s real name is, apparently it’s written on the back of his lanyard.


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