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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 26-Oct-2012


ONE of Bendigo’s most popular pub rock band are about to kick off their EP launch for Take it or leave it.

This Triple J Unearthed band with their blend of 80s metal and current hard rock they always put on a good show while playing their originals and a huge variety of classic covers.

Guitarist and vocalist Steven Hammer told us about the EP.

“It’s a four-track assault of pure genuine rock n roll,” Steven said

“This EP is two years’ of very hard rock and lots of good times and we hope that this reflects in the release.

“This is a stand against all the wrong in the world when it comes to music at the moment.

“Let’s just say we’re trying to do something different.

Steven said the band brings hugely different interests and influences when it comes to their music.

“But probably we would agree our biggest influences during the recording would be KISS, especially when we were looking for drum tones and the way we would record them.

“We tried to model the drums off their big album, Destroyer.

“For bass, we wanted to keep it nice and simple but chuck a few little surprises.

Steven said Jack the bass player is good at using the occasional fill or different note to complement that part of the song.

“A band that I associate with that is Guns N’ Roses, Duff (their former bassist) always went against the grain so to speak when it comes to bass playing,” he said.

“And myself, I’m a huge fan and always will be The Cult, the way they structure their songs, and the tones they get from their guitars when recording will always be a biggest influence on my playing.”

Recording went smoothly, and was done with a few sessions.

“We went in really prepared, and the boys (Micah and Jarod) did a terrific job of handling the recording and how we recorded,” Steven said.

In the live arena, Steven has a firm view on the band’s favourite song.

“All Or Nothing. It’s just a kickass song that’s fun to play live, there’s not much else to it,” he said.

“We just really enjoy playing that over some of our other songs. We’ve played it at every show we’ve played.

“On the other hand the crowd favourite is always Take Me Home. It’s a song where you can chant the words back and rock out.”

The band’s plans for the future are simple. Alongside the gigging and CD they plan to have fun. And why not?

Download the EP at www.lowpointband.bandcamp.com


Ryan Grant is part of the Yo Bendigo team


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