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Simon Wooldridge | Bendigo Weekly | 01-Dec-2017

TJ and Son

Nothing that unusual about a band putting out a live album.

TJ and Son are doing just that, early next year. 

But they’re taking a bold, and quite different approach. Not only is their forthcoming live album their debut, but it will be recorded on one night, at one gig – at the Golden Vine next Friday, December 8.

Bold move. And one they’re looking forward to.

“It is bold and I’m sure on the night we will be feeling it,” TJ told the Weekly. 

“But as soon as we get in to our groove we will be fine. 

“There will almost certainly be one or two notes missed but one of the things we are proud of is that everything you hear we are doing in that moment. 

“No loops, no editing. Just two people on stage giving it everything they have got.”

TJ and Son are a loud, gutsy, blues-rock two-piece. Talisa Jobe covers vocal and guitar duties, with Aaron John backing-up energetically on drums.

“We love the idea of having the live atmosphere and spontaneity of a live set,” TJ said. 

“It’s the best way to capture our sound, as we have a floating pace and dynamic. Our excitement and love for the music is on show when we play live.” 

The duo got together early in 2015 and have played nearly 50 gigs since – both in Bendigo and Melbourne. 

Bendigo feels very much like home turf though.

“The local musicians and venues are always friendly and supportive. The Bendigo crowds always respond well,” TJ said.

They haven’t decided on an album title yet, and TJ is keeping tight-lipped about which tracks they’ll play on the night.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” she said. 

“The set list is finalised, but we won’t be releasing it before the show. The main track on the album is Calling For Me.”

This writer is hoping the album includes their blistering version of Whole Lotta Love.

TJ and Son play a mix of covers and original material. Their influences – Led Zeppelin, Billy Thorpe, Janis Joplin and others – show through.

TJ writes most of the lyrics and music, with Aaron John having input on arrangements, sound and style of the songs. 

“Together we seem to have the kind of connection that is rare. We are very in tune with each other and Aaron is excellent at anticipating where to emphasise,” TJ said. 

“This comes naturally to us, and it makes it very easy to write and come up with new things together.”  

It’s not often fans of a band know in advance that they’ll be at the recording of a live album. 

Michael Fitt will be producing and mixing the as-yet-unnamed album.

Support on the night comes from Liam Thorpe, Sparrow and CASH. The music kicks off at 8pm on Friday, December 1 at the Golden Vine Hotel. Entrance is $5 on the door.

– Simon Wooldridge

Twitter: @spwooldridge


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