Patio plan for Bridge Street pub

Sharon Kemp | Bendigo Weekly | 01-Sep-2017


IN what could be the start of the invigoration of Bridge Street, the Bridge Hotel wants to add an undercover patio to its outdoor hospitality, having expanded outdoors as much as it can.

The hotel has plans before council showing a paved area at the entrance of the Coliban Water head office next door, enclosed by glass from the road but accessible into the hotel and separate to the entrance of the government agency.

The area contains a water feature which is not used and which in a letter of support for the Bridge Hotel development, Coliban said was “developed pre-drought and was not used as it sent mixed messaging about water usage at that time”.

The Bridge Hotel’s application argues patronage of the hotel had changed in recent years with the significant development behind Bridge Street of numerous health services.

“The Bridge Street precinct is... a growing market as many local employees are increasingly utilising our existing range of pre-prepared sandwiches and rolls, breakfast and hotel made muffins and pastries,” the planning application stated.

“This part of our market is increasing at a faster rate than any other and we would predict further growth as the Bridge Street precinct evolves into the City of Greater Bendigo proposed strategic growth plan.”

The council identified the potential for Bridge Street to support the construction of multi-storey apartments and more shopping and restaurants, and had the area rezoned  in 2016 to make way for such development.

Bridge Street is regarded under the strategic plan as being an extension of the CBD.


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