Pool play

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 21-Feb-2015

A schematic design of the proposed aquatic and leisure centre.
THE City of Greater Bendigo is going back to the drawing board in a bid to convert plans for a state of the art aquatic facility at Kangaroo Flat to reality.

The Bendigo Weekly understands a comprehensive business case analysis for both a 25 metre pool and the already adopted 50 metre option will be presented to councillors next month to try and bring certainty and an outcome to the current debate as to whether or not the project should proceed, and in what format.

In 2012, councillors rejected the 25 metre option originally proposed by council officers in favour of the larger pool, which was then estimated to come at a cost of $28,790,000 ex-GST, but would have also included associated traffic management works at the Browning Street site, the relocation of the CFA track, and the closure of pools at Long Gully, Golden Square and Kangaroo Flat.

Costs associated with building the Long Gully Splash Park were also included in this option, while for about $25,835,000 (plus GST), council could have instead built a 25 metre pool at Kangaroo Flat and also delivered a lagoon-style pool at White Hills.   

The state government has allocated $15 million towards the larger and more expensive 50 metre pool project, but the Bendigo Weekly understands the funding is project specific, and changes to what has been planned could place the $15m funding in jeopardy, and leave the council to have to go it alone.


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