Revengers return

Simon Wooldridge | Bendigo Weekly | 14-Dec-2017


Christmas comes sandwiched between two big Saturday nights at CBD alternative music venue MusicMan.

Saturday, December 30 sees a very welcome return to the live arena for local punk rockers, The Revengers. It’s been nearly a year since their last gig.

“Everybody gets caught up with other aspects of their lives,” said drummer Joel Casey, explaining the hiatus. 

“But we’re kind of like a family, and needed to get back together.”

They have been working on five new songs to complement the 14 short blasts of pop-punk that made up 2015 debut album, Bad Seed.

“Not sure they’re all ready to go yet,” Casey said. 

“Maybe Rocking With The Dead. Might try that on the night.”

The new songs will form part of a second album at some future point – though they don’t seem to be in much of a hurry.

The Revengers are four Bendigo boys; Casey is joined by Luke Vader on bass, Whitey Revenger on lead guitar, with Matty Worthington on vocals and guitar. 

But, they’ll be playing as a three-piece on the night. 

A hometown gig is something they look forward to.

“Bendigo audiences are pretty loyal,” Casey said. 

“Which is always a positive. The whole scene seems to be picking up well, with a couple of dedicated venues putting on some good stuff.”

The Revengers are just part of a heavyweight line-up. 

They’re joined by another Bendigo punk outfit, Filthy Hacks – a band who address not entirely dissimilar themes to The Revengers. 

The Hacks’ 11-track debut album, Quantity, Not Quality, released in September, includes Deranged Mind, Rubbish, and a tribute to their “home venue”, the punk-rap number, Music Man.

Dead Lurkers – with their distinctive Theramin-infused, psychobilly-folk sound, indie-garage outfit Starman Dives, and Kyabram heavy rockers Stone Djoser complete a line-up of local talent that could almost have been handpicked for this writer. 

Doors are at 7.30pm on Saturday, December 30. Admission is free.

On Saturday, December 23, Kerr’s Cur complete their album promo tour at MusicMan. Front man, Mr D, spoke to the Weekly.

“It rounds it out nicely,” he said. 

“We started the tour at the Golden Vine. I was pretty anxious before that,” he said. 

“But we settled into it. And 10 gigs later we finish up where it all – the band that is – really began. At MusicMan.”

Stand-out moments?

“The gig at Whole Lotta Love in Brunswick had an amazing vibe. Everyone was really into it.”

Kerr’s Cur’s debut album largely featured tracks the band has been playing live for two years. 

New songs on the tour – Slow Love particularly – went down well, as the three-piece expanded their fan base across Victoria.

“Not far off having enough for the second album,” Mr D added.

Kerr’s Cur head an eight-act lineup that includes prodigious young local talents Steph Bitter, Sherri Parry and Bill Barber. 

They’re joined by Geelong three-piece, The Louds, and Melbourne’s Lunar Tide – the electronic-indie-pop-rock pairing of Sara Potter and Dean Andersen.

Doors at 4.30pm on Saturday, December 23. Admission is free.

– Simon Wooldridge

Twitter: @spwooldridge


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