Riverdance Eclipsed

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 22-Jun-2017


Melbourne’s Anthony Street is living a double life; by day he gets his hands dirty as a demolition worker, by night he is lighting up the stage as lead dancer for Celtic Illusion and soon, his newest stage show Eclipse comes to Bendigo.

In a story not unlike that of Billy Elliot, Street grew up surrounded by motorbikes, racing cars, hunting and football before he first fell in love with Riverdance and, with the assistance of his grandmother, he began taking Irish dancing lessons in secret.

Today he is renowned not only as the first Australian to perform the lead role in Michael Flatley’s widely acclaimed Lord of the Dance but also as the creative genius behind Celtic Illusion.

Due to the success of Celtic Illusion and an increasing demand for more shows, Street, who performs multi-faceted roles of director, producer, choreographer and lead dancer of the production, now  brings audiences this brand-new stage show.

“We’re really looking forward to taking it to the next level with Eclipse,” Street said.

“Eclipse offers spectacular grand illusions, from levitations to baffling appearances and will captivate audiences with the skills and grace of the daring aerial artist that soars through the air.”

Eclipse will be at Ulumbarra Theatre at 7.30pm on Sunday,  July 9.


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