Sharing cooking secrets

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 15-May-2015

WildRaw food chef Cat Cannizzaro will be on hand.
A VARIETY of hands-on specialist cooking classes will be hosted by the Country Women’s Association of Victoria on Saturday May 30 when they visit Bendigo for their state conference.
The CWA will be sharing their cooking knowledge and secrets throughout three masterclasses including making sponges, scones and jams, cheese making and a fermentation and paleo session.

The classes are hosted by experts in their field and qualified judges of cooking as they share their knowledge, hints and practices.

Anna Kate Pizzini, who completed her first cheese making course 15 years ago and has been making cheese from home since, will host a hands on demonstration and workshop to teach the basics of making Camembert cheese.

Students will learn a variety of traditional cheese making techniques such as culturing, adding rennet, cutting curd, hooping out, flipping, salting and maturing, including a taste testing of the cheese as it ripens and a take home sample.

The fermentation and paleo masterclass will be hosted by executive raw food chef and chocolatier Cat Cannizzaro, who provides raw masterclasses internationally and has her recipes featured in Peter Evans cookbooks, Healthy Everyday and Paleo Everyday.

Cannizzaro is the creator of the WildRaw food preparation principles and resources and is Australia’s leading raw food gourmet chef, focussed on teaching and sharing the knowledge of how to make raw and cooked vegan and vegetarian foods.

The masterclass will feature raw recipes such as raw mousse cheesecake and truffles using plant protein, and the art of fermentation and cultured foods to create a healthy digestive system.

 Classes range from $55 to $100, with take home gifts and show bags included.  For more information:


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