Star turns the spotlight on Bendigo

Dianne Dempsey | Bendigo Weekly | 09-Nov-2017

Jane Seymour

A touch of glamour came to town on Wednesday when Hollywood actress Jane Seymour visited the Edith Head exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

After completing her commitments amidst the merry go round of the Melbourne Cup, Seymour was keen to make the most of her free time in Australia and headed straight up the highway to see the work of Hollywood’s most famous costume designer.

“I started working in Hollywood in the 70s so I was always impressed by Edith Head’s work,” she said.

“When I did the Bond movie Live and Let Die she was still pretty famous.” 

Seymour also had a clause in her contract stating that she can keep her movie costumes, a moment of foresight of which she is very proud.

This is Seymour’s first visit to Australia and she said she had the impression Bendigo was a gold rush town in the middle of the outback.

“I got that wrong,” she  said laughing. “What I’ve seen of the gallery is tantalising. I could be in any major metropolitan city in the world.”


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