Students eat well

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 24-Jun-2016


When it comes to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, Bendigo Violet Street Primary School students have got the right idea. 

Grade six students Jesse and Ciaran believe their school is the healthiest in the city. 

Their submission to the Bendigo Health supported Bendigo Sports Star’s Healthiest Schools Competition highlights the school’s broad range of programs helping them and their classmates learn about the importance of staying healthy. 

Jesse and Ciaran’s submission talked about the Healthy Lunches program, where guests were invited to enjoy a three course meal prepared by students using ingredients from the school’s garden. 

They also explained their cooking and gardening programs where students grow their own produce, make their own compost and look after the school’s chickens. 

The Breakfast Club is a weekly program at the school that provides students with a free breakfast if they haven’t had it already. 

Along with these healthy programs, the school yesterday hosted a Relay for Life event supporting the Cancer Council. Last year  a donation of $600 was made, and participants hope to improve on the figure this year. 


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