Veterans tussle at Woodstock

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 01-Mar-2012

Organisers expected last Saturday’s 35km Central Victorian Veterans Cycling Club handicap at Woodstock to be down on numbers due to the large contingent of members racing in the Dookie Handicap on Sunday, and the extreme heat.
However, 23 stalwarts turned up to test their skills on the home course, down Power’s Road, across to Newbridge, then the last leg back to the finish at Woodstock.
The lone scratch rider, Justin Mollison, conceded between one and 18 minutes to the other five bunches.
Crosswinds pushed all riders about a bit, but it was the heat that would make a number of riders drop off.
It was a bunch of about 15 riders, all scrambling for an advantage, that headed for the finish line, with Chris Draper, (1m), taking the honours in a time of 54m 42s, an average of 38.4kmh, followed by David Colwell (1m), Dave  Fulton (1m), Nick Shipp (1m), Richard Verkuylen (4m), and Geoff Pollard (4m]).
Wednesday night’s penultimate Summer Series race was raced in steady rain, with the field divided into eight bunches.
Scratch conceded between two and 19 minutes to the other bunches.
After a close tussle, it was the 13 and 17 minute groups that led into the last straight, with Trevor McDougall winning a tight finish, followed by Dianne Jane, Evelyn Keetelaar, Wendy Bennett, Andrew Joiner and Justin Mollison.
This weekend will be a busy one for the club, with a graded scratch race to be held at Newbridge on Saturday from 2pm, then on Sunday from 10am, the last race of the Summer Series will be held, with both the men’s and women’s aggregates still up for grabs.


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