Wine, food and history uncorked

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 27-Jul-2017


WHILE spring blossoms in Bendigo, a new event will showcase the best of the city’s heritage buildings while giving people the chance to enjoy the region’s best wine.

Bendigo Uncorked Week is a new addition to Bendigo’s spring calendar and provides 10 days of food, wine and exploration of some of Bendigo’s grandest buildings.

Tickets for the full array of events, from October 6 to 15, went on sale this week.

So, too, did tickets for the week’s feature events in Bendigo Heritage After Dark on October 6 and Heritage Uncorked on October 14.

Other events as part of Bendigo Uncorked Week include a dinner underground, a night at the movies, and VIP dinners with winemakers. 

The week will feature more than 80 wines, 18 wineries and 12 iconic Bendigo venues.

Event organisers, the Bendigo Winegrowers Association, described the Bendigo wine region is renowned for its rich, ripe reds and elegant whites, with exciting sparkling and rose styles coming through.

Tickets are sold separately so log on to for all the booking and event details.


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